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Does trust make you hate or just plain stupid? Part 1

Y'all probably want to know where I get these images from? It's from the same infamous site I chose not to name because I don't get a check from them and they should pay people for the amount of time they spend there. That's another discussion. Is there's something wrong with this photo? I don't believe so. it's pretty accurate "according" to today's social climate. But what scares me is the amount of criminality and destruction it took for that picture to be true. Yes, I said it. If the average person took the time to research most of these religions today, I guarantee they would be outlawed. It's so bad that people are defensive of their religions, and others promote false propaganda stories misleading others to think differently. Why? It's all about greed. That's right, GREED. Ok, if you want to get racial we can. It's those who have not...
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