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From Giants to Addicts. Who benefits from the health industry in America?

This is the scariest thing I witnessed since Magic Johnson said he had HIV. What in the hell happened? You know what's even scarier? Magic Johnson is less than a year younger than Michael Clarke Duncan! Now how in the hell a man with a man "made" disease out lives a man who could kick the Incredible Hulk's ass...and he was a vegetarian! The answer is right in front your face. Y'all like, "Oh lawd, this nigga is at it again. Here he go...what now!" Don't be mad, just saying. This comes from Mr. Carlos Muhammad of LUV4Self. He posted this pic with great information that needs to be addressed. Now me! I just pissed y'all off with the straight facts y'all can't handle. You can be mad but I don't lie. Let's get down to business. Michael Clarke Duncan's death shocked the world and a lot of questions are going...
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