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Mahogany Keys: The Complex Image of the African American Man.(4) The Black Man as an Artist and Promoter of Literacy

Interview with Anthony Pathfinder – Author, proofreader, poet, reviewer and contributing writer for the Urban Book Source The image of the aggressive-looking African American male, who cannot spell his name, has a limited vocabulary and has trouble keeping a job has become -- sadly! – common in the media. However, there isn’t too much said about those who not only speak proper English, but are committed servants of the written word, being an inspiration for us all. I must say that finding a successful African American author was not hard at all. Making the decision as to who would be my first guest was difficult, because there are many talented writers out there. I met Anthony Pathfinder over a year ago while working on a radio show project with Author Monica Brinkman. I was pleasantly surprised by his honesty and openness on various issues. I knew right away that I would...
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