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Avoid Dependence on the “Lady in the Long Blue Gown”

You know the lady. She’s visited your house on some occasions and you were so happy to see her, you wanted to sit her down to turkey dinner, share some of your favorite oatmeal cookies, then listen to her pour out that good old inspiration. The muse, of course! We pray the lady in the long blue gown will barge into our writer’s block and make the blank-page blues--or blank-screen blues--go away. Well, it just isn’t going to happen! The idea of a muse is amusing. Wouldn’t it be too easy if every time we wanted to write a poem we simply sat there contemplatively waiting for an inspiration handout and the poem got written without our efforts? Sometimes I think we are brought up to think this way. When we are young, we ask for things and we get them. We make mistakes and somebody covers for us. Santa Claus...
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