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Is there such a thing as too much Knowledge?

Is there such a thing as to much knowledge? Last night as I laid next to my husband I found myself pondering this very question. It all started when he joined me in the room. He sat in bed next to me remote in hand. “What are you reading?” he asked“A book on Option Trading” I answered“Why?”“Well,” I said “I want to learn more about what we are doing.” I advised“But we are already taking classes and have a strategy. You learning more than what we need might just confused things, don’t you think?”“hmmm” was the only reply I could give as I went back to the book and pondered his question. I have always been a learner. I dropped out college and mostly autodidactic my education from then on. I consumed non-fiction books learning thoroughly everything from sales to philosophy not for any particular reason but simply to know. My...
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