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The Misrepresentation of Lauryn Hill. Revolutionary or not?

     Today, grammy winning song writer and one of the fiercest EMCEEs to ever grip a mic just got sentenced to 3 months in a federal prison for not filing her taxes on time.  The singer had to pay $1,006,500.00 from her 5yr career earning up to approximatley 2.3 million dollars.  The sista actually paid $970.000.00 which leaves $36,500.00 left.  So the government continued to put her on trial and tacked on an additional $60,000 for shits and giggles.  That's FUCKED UP.  But that could either be a good thing or a bad thing.  I personally believe her new deal with Sony orchestrated it so she could have something to write about.  Come on now...37g's!  I hope she destroys the industry with her next album.  Y'all forgot?  This sista had many male performers scared to step to a mic.  At one time she was the standard.  That cannot be said...
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