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Mahogany Keys: The Complex Image of the African American Man.The Black Man as a Protector(2)

Interview with Dr. Will Moreland America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer There are so many African American males who served or currently serve in the military and risk their lives for us every day, yet no one seems to acknowledge their existence. They do exist and their presence should be honored. Dr. Will Moreland is one of these men. He is a military veteran, a businessman and an inspirational model for young males. I had the honor to meet Dr. Will Moreland at the launching of my dear friend Evelyn Holden’s youth organization Extreme Change. He was there to teach the young how to stay in school and become a pride in their community.   Dr. Will's passion is to help individuals, organizations and companies develop into world class leaders. That is why he writes books, speaks to countless audiences each year and why he founded Will Moreland International. A company that is dedicated to...
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