Is there such a thing as too much Knowledge?
Is there such a thing as to much knowledge? Last night as I laid next to my husband I found myself pondering this very question. It all started when he joined me in the room. He sat in bed next to me remote in hand. “What are you reading?” he asked“A book on Option Trading” I answered“Why?”“Well,” I said “I want to learn more about what we are doin
The road to happiness is healing The road to life is breathing The road to clearity is seeing The road to change is finding you Becoming More Then Just A Shell is knowing the truth
Flowers are beauties of the world.They are little joys of earththat make our lives more bright.
The Eccentric Me
                                                      In kindness I will call myself eccentric—not in every manner but in some and then defiantly so. I shall share but a few of my idiosyncrasies here and in the process if not inform at least amuse. First there is the matter of tea. I love tea. My wife and I at last count had over forty canisters, s
For Mothers' Day
  “Hank.”  What’s wrong now? “Yeah.”  “Your sister.”              “Elena? What about her?” “She’s on the phone.”  “What does she want?”  "Ask her yourself.” Yeah, she’s angry.             Hank picked up the phone. “Hi.” “Did you call Mom?” Elena wasn’t one for small talk. Hank could imagine her in one of those gray business suits she seemed to alwa
Cron Job Starts