Brooklyn Kink: To Sandy With Love
I live on the fourth floor of an overpriced pre-war building one block from the Atlantic Ocean. I love the sea. On Saturday, as I had done almost every day for the past three months, I went into the ocean at Brighton Beach. The temperature was sixty-three degrees inside and outside on the shore. I gazed with love at my ocean. I feel it even healed ...
You and I Forever by Melissa Toppen - Book Review
     My favorite series coming to a happy ending. Anna and Bentley have been through a whirlwind of emotions. From fighting their urges to leaving everything on the field these two have come across the final step in their relationship: acceptance. Accepting that love really can conquer all and guide you to places they both didn't think possible. I have loved this story from the stripper pole to the soccer field and what these two have in store for you in You and I Forever was more that I could ever have imagined.      The start of this book had me confused and thinking I was missing something, but once you catch up with you see that these two were preparing for a future and one of them didn’t know it. One of the hiccups in their relationship was really not a bad one, but one that was going to be a hurdle. Bentley and Anna met in a strip club she continued dancing even when they were building a relationship. Now, the moment of truth comes in and love enters the equation where Bentley gives Anna the ultimatum. I kind of saw it coming but for me, was one of the one questions I had in my head. Second favorite part in the book for me.
You and I Together by Melissa Toppen - Book Review
     This book had a way of testing the ultimate from my favorite couple. Anna and Bentley are back and this time, we are testing this couple's resilience. If you haven't read the first book, go ahead and stop by the book listing to get you and I Alone. In You and I Together, you get to see Anna and Bentley come together as a couple. You see the joys that Bentley gives Anna on a daily basis, while also proving to Anna how much he loves her. Anna was a joy as well because you really do see her evolving into this person who does not want to live without Bentley in her life. I found this book to be an awesome sequel to the first book and found some things in this book that made me laugh, cry, and think about the work you put into building a relationship.      The one thing that became open up to us was the insight into some of the friends and family of Anna and Bentley. In Anna's world, you get to see Lo and Andrea. These two really put a spin in Anna's world and made her see that Bentley could actually be good for and that she shouldn't deny what she's feeling just because she's afraid. Bentley's world was a little hard to crack, but once you get through you are introduced to Shira and Ethan.
His Wicked Seduction - Book Review
This book starts off with a little rule and newspaper section, but before you decide to put this book down, continue reading it gets better.  You meet this guy named Lucien and he is mad stalking this young lady named Horatia.  I don't know whether it's lust or love but he definitely has a thing for her, but for some reason, he can't have her.  He finally gets a chance to catch up to her and right when you think he gets that chance a carriage comes straight for him causing Lucien to save Horatia's life.  Him and his friend Charles decide to escort her home after the incident.  You also get an explanation of why these gentleman are called the league of rogues, but there is a deeper meaning behind their bond or friendship as well.  Cedric invites the league over after the incident and a reluctant Lucien ends ups going.  After the dinner,  you see some released tension followed by the typical man opening his mouth and saying something really stupid.  Lucien knows what he did was wrong and decides to make it up to her.  Charles catches wind of Lucien being up to something and rather just tell him the truth, Lucien kind of half lies just to get to defend this whole second rule amongst the league.  Charles see right through him, though.
Can We Talk About It?
You are not alone. The exact same thing that are heavy on your mind has been on the mind of others before. Yet, will you let that be a stepping stone or a boulder the weighs you down? The beauty of the internet is that you can reach out to someone. Free yourself to deal with an issue minus the uncomfortableness of actually exposing your personal is
"Love, Color Me Free"
"Love, Color Me Free" If I were an artist and all the colors of the rainbow were arranged on my pallet, there still would not be enough shades to paint the beauty within you.... The beautiful variations of red when passion reaches beyond surface limitations.... The amazing deep plums when our romantic rendezvous flow into the soft silky happiness o
The road to happiness is healing The road to life is breathing The road to clearity is seeing The road to change is finding you Becoming More Then Just A Shell is knowing the truth
"Echo" Echoes from a beautiful memory offer flirtatious melody to the sounds heard by the broken heart.... Slowly the sound is translated into his sweet words of encouragement, leading the willing heart down a road brightly illuminated with the essence of hischarm...... The melodies from those echoes tenderly caress the spirit now roaming free in t
"Beautiful" Light breaking through the dark like the morning sun peeking through the end of night..... Slowly the dawn appears bursting brilliant colors across heavens sky.... Eyes open gracefully to a brand new day filled with a happiness felt deep..... Absorbing the warm glow of sunshine, watching as the world becomes His pallet... The morning ai
Flow by Flow, Line by Line
"Flow by Flow, Line by Line" Stunned by the way your words pierce deep into me.... My thoughts forever changed byyour intellect,Wise words flowing I cannotforget..... Who is this you may ask am Idescribing,A majestic man who keeps my heart climbing..... Rising above any misinterpretation,your eyes are the light guidingmy enchanted destination.....
My darling, you are
You are a charming wild flowergrowing in the crevice of old mountain.You are beautiful rosein the valley of dreams.You are sweet mysteryand open truth.
Working on rewriting and republishing Blood Drain Series 1st book
I had published this first book in the Blood Drain Series. Blood Drain Angel's Story but was lied to and they messed up the book and said it was my fault and would not redo it. so i am working on rewriting it and adding more of the book . to make it better. So i will be looking for a new publisher. and will republish it again and then i will market
"Why Do Men Love Their Cars and Drive The HELL Out of Their Women?"
I've painted quite a revealing picture of the difference between women and men when it comes to how they feel about cars. So don't act like you're surprise when I say that men can love their cars and oftimes drive the HELL out of their women! But why do they? Okay people before I get into this, I would just like to say that I am a guy, that way men
The Elusiveness Of Wisdom
In this short informal series I will analyze the so-called “nuggets of wisdom,” or old sayings that are passed on to us from one generation to another. We, the passive recipients, rarely question these words, if at all. We rush to share them on Facebook and elsewhere but… have we ever stopped and analyzed the words and the possible unwanted meaning
LOVE: At what cost?
Some say that love is a four letter word. Some say that love is free and doesn't cost a thing. I say love is more than a four letter word, love is a decision but at what cost? Love is not just a feeling because feelings have a tendency to change. Love is a decision.  You chose to love someone. You chose to love someone even though they have hurt yo
No Love
I hear you passed through town Spent a few days here The calls didn’t go through, I know The flowers you planted last year for me Cried. © 2011 by Oana