Open Book with Envy Red & Q: Michelle Pebbles Caldwell, Photographer P1
Author's Info presents Open Book with Envy Red & Q. This episode we feature Mizz Baltimore Michelle "Pebbles" Caldwell, Photographer. Mizz Pebbles or just Michelle commonly known, is a fan photographer who is coming up on the entertainment scene. Yes, she started as a fan photographer but under the study and guidance of Hip-Hop pioneering legen
The Pied Piper Of Woodstock
  The author of this book has written his memories to the best of his recollection from birth until the present-including the events relating to Woodstock 1969 A Review The Pied Piper of Woodstock BY PATRICK WITT GUEST COLUMNIST Friday, October 30, 2009 Most people have never heard of Artie Kornfeld. But without a doubt, they’ve experienced the imp