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The Pied Piper Of Woodstock

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  The author of this book has written his memories to the best of his recollection from birth until the present-including the events relating to Woodstock 1969 A Review The Pied Piper of Woodstock BY PATRICK WITT GUEST COLUMNIST Friday, October 30, 2009 Most people have never heard of Artie Kornfeld. But without a doubt, they’ve experienced the impact he’s had on music in one way or another. They’ve heard songs that he wrote played on the radio, listened to bands that he’s produced or promoted, and certainly know of his most memorable creation — Woodstock. Artie Kornfeld’s new book, “The Pied Piper of Woodstock”, is a detailed account of how he created the greatest concert of all time. But rather than a mere recollection of events, Kornfeld delves deeper into the circumstances that led to Woodstock’s conception — both in his own life and in America during the 1960s. From his...
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