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What's Your Totem?

Melissa Price
What’s Your Totem? by Melissa Price Have you ever had the occasion to keep noticing something? Perhaps it’s an item or an animal that appears wherever you travel or whenever you visit a particular place. This phenomenon surged into my life last week at the Southern California coast. While it wouldn’t be entirely unusual to view a dolphin, a seal, a sea lion, or even a shark in those waters, would it make you think if you saw only one of those species – repeatedly? How about continually? Whether I was walking, standing on the beach, or looking out from the pier, a seal came to greet me. Daytime or night, regardless of the spot where I found myself, seals appeared. Aptly named, Seal Beach was where I had my sendoff encounter with the largest of any I had seen. Strolling along the pier on a clear cool evening, I leaned...
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