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Jojo's Amazing Adventure

Jojo's Amazing Adventure is a collection of original short stories with inspirations broad and vast. Ranging from Chinese, Hindu and Muslim myths, to more modern inventions closer to home. Jojo the protagonist here within, is sometimes portrayed as a villain, at others a hero. It is up to you the reader to ultimately decide which box you wish to place him!
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1553 Hits

The first shipment

      Well, I finally got the first shipment of “Voices from the Heart II” in today. They looked great. I have an appointment with a couple book stores who want to carry the book. The genre of poetry and short stories is not exactly on fire; however, I refuse to sell my soul and write a sexy vampire novel. The whole idea behind this book was to give short stories and poems to those who have suffered from addiction, heartbreaks, failed marriages, and many other painful situations in life. The Kindle addition is out on Amazon but the paperback is still not appearing; however, you can get your copy at “Voices from the Heart II” : Thanks for the wonderful support of friends, family, and readers--WP  
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