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"Why Do Men Love Their Cars and Drive The HELL Out of Their Women?"

I've painted quite a revealing picture of the difference between women and men when it comes to how they feel about cars. So don't act like you're surprise when I say that men can love their cars and oftimes drive the HELL out of their women! But why do they? Okay people before I get into this, I would just like to say that I am a guy, that way men know that it is not a woman trying to wreck their brains trying to understand why men love cars, but an straight from the mind type of guy. There are many reasons men love cars. The usual website would tell you we love them because of genetics and it's similar to the reason why men love sports. Well I would like to get into a bit more detail than that and try to close the subject because men don't love...
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Mahogany Keys: The Complex Image of the African American Man.Part 2. The Black Man's Family

There is an old Romanian saying similar to, “It is only the dead who do not return.”  Indeed, in the aftermath of tragedy and life loss there is nothing we can do for the person who is no longer with us. However, there are many things we, both as a society or individuals, could do so Trayvon Martin’s death does not become yet another American racial crime. I have struggled with the idea of writing on racism in this country. For the past ten years I have been watching in silence, and have tried to listen to those who – in their best intentions – advised me to stay away from this particular topic. “Better stay out of it,” and I also heard, “Why would you care? It is not your problem.” There were other bitter personal experiences and labels that were attached to my person as well, just because I...
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