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A woman shares her shocking story to the world

Paper Back - Author Aleja Bennett Aleja Bennett has a shocking story for the nation to hear. She was born in East Elmhurst Queens New York by her unknown biological mother. At the age of six months old she and her unknown siblings were abandoned and left alone. She survived pnemonia at the age of six months old as well. In 1976 she was raised in East New York Brooklyn by her church attending adopted parents who physically-verbally and mentally abused her from the age of three until she was nineteen years of age. The still serve as a deacon and deaconess in the church. Alcohol became an escape for her while she associated with people-men that added to her abuse. At the age of twenty five while walking into her first A.A. meeting, she wrote her first poem titled Being Alive. From there she wrote eight titles, Only the Strong...
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