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No Cancer Diaries....So I Speak Up To Save Lives!

People are often surprised at my candidness when it comes to speaking up about my battle with cancer. In August of 2010 I was diagnosed with a rare form. You know that thyroid gland that exists in your neck? It does wonders for your energy levels and helps regulate your metabolism. Well I had malignant thyroid tissue in one of my ovaries which is almost unheard of. So much so that my case was referred to Yale University (PA) and involved Kaiser Permanente, Washington Hospital Center, and Holy Cross Hospital (DC Area). It required that I also have my thyroid removed in March of 2011 just after my birthday. I then had radiation treatment shortly thereafter in May of 2011.  The fact of the matter is, cancer is plaguing the nation, It is becoming as common as the cold it seems. I am not ashamed to tell people about my experience...
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