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Who's blowing smoke? Do you still support the story?

Where were you on September 11, 2001? Me? I had just came home from a 6 month Counter Drug Operation deployment in Central and South America. Yes, I was in the military...the navy. I was only home for 2 days and in New Orleans with my first wife buying food for my (step)daughter's birthday party. She was born on September 12, by the way. After the last plane crashed in Virginia I received a call from the government saying my leave was canceled and I was being deployed immediately to New York. My wife panicked in front of the Winn Dixie shoppers as they watched the news of the attack on TV. She was very upset that I had to go after being gone for 6 months. I gave her instructions on what to do if any other attacks occur. What scared me was I trained for the same attacks in...
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