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Being a Bald Woman during the 80s was very different, than today. Hard renting homes to a "bald person like you".  People like me without hair! Yes "bald people like me". I heard the same insult numerous times throughout the years. Each time it came with another face and another reason. The ignorance was the same no matter where I went. In the USA or overseas. Confrontations and negative responses became continuous on a daily basis. Catching buses or cabs was an event in itself, being hollered at with profanity. I was attacked in taxi cabs and driven off my destination. Approached by men who asked me "What are you, a man or a woman?" Even had police order me to get off the street, or go put something on your head. Saying "you are attracting too much attention and disturbing the peace". Wouldn't get served in restaurants or stores, so I...
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