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Processing Process

(Admin suggested I put this up as a blog post.  This was originally posted on my personal blog,, on April 22, 2015.) Everything we do has a process. How you get ready for work. How you cook a meal. How you get dressed. Your process may not be like mine, or anyone else’s. In “All in the Family” Archie debated with Michael sock, sock, shoe, shoe, while Michael preferred sock, shoe, sock, shoe. We all have a process. For me it is sock, sock, pants, shoe, shoe. That way I don’t have to roll up my pants to put on my socks and shoes, and then roll down my pant legs, possibly rolling down my socks. When it comes to little things, the process, such as socks and shoes, may not be that important, but I guarantee if you switch them up your day will feel a bit weird. You...
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Sal at Computer.1998
  It takes a great deal of courage to submit a manuscript for possible publication. Many writers spend months, even years, putting down on paper what they feel will be, if not the Great American Novel, then at least a darn good one. They look back with pleasure on the long hours of pounding the keyboard in producing that first draft. With less excitement they recall the grueling days and nights editing that first attempt into something they hope will be presentable in the marketplace. Writing is a mixed bag of joy and woe. Who among writers have not delighted in the birth of an idea they recognize as plot-worthy? How many sleepless nights did they toss in bed, head filled with scenes and characters and lines of clever dialogue? Life itself seems to revolve around that one conviction: I can write this book. Readers will love it so much they’ll...
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Proof reading

I remember when I first started writing and I decided to take the plunge and expose myself on the internet. I would post articles and essays I had written on several different websites. My first love at that time was politics, so naturally, I decided to write about that topic,—it was my only area of expertise. Readers scorned my politics--as anyone would expect (at least those who disagreed); however, the worst tongue lashings I received were for my grammar, spelling, and general syntax. The biggest reason for this was that I never proof read anything before I pushed the “publish” button. Yes, there I was, an unfound literary master, one who was so good that my work should be published pure, as it was first written—blah, blah, blah—(sighing loudly) the ego of a writer can be quit ugly in its raw form. I have to give myself some credit for being...
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First Drafts

I was talking to a dear friend of mine tonight who is tackling the task of writing her first novel. She is an avid reader and she is also very artistic in many other ways but has never written anything. The book she is writing is a YA fiction and I gotta say that I think she has a best seller on her hands. Sshhh--don`t tell anyone I said that; I`m the only friend of hers who has read the partial manuscript.  We walk together in the evening oftentimes and as we walked she said to me, "I`m stuck, I can`t quite get my plot going in this next chapter." Now, I know my friend very well and she is, as am I, a perfectionist to the 'T' and won`t cut herself a break. I asked her if it was because it wasn`t perfect enough. As we walked and I asked her that...
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