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The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith - Book Review

     I have never read a story that involved BDSM, so when this author sent me her book. I felt intrigued to know what the big fuss was about. This book was oddly cool because it introduced you to this life of these two people with them having these feeling of love and then it took you into this dominant and submissive role that these characters played. Lauren Smith also made it into criminal mystery and to me, I felt like it was the trifecta of a really good read. So be prepared for one heck of ride in this book, The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith.
     The author waste no time diving you headfirst into this lifestyle as you meet Sophie who is new to this game and you are introduced to this club called the Gilded Cuff. Sophie is not here for fun at all, but actually for a purpose of finding one man. But don’t think she wasn’t curious because she was. Only because her lack in the touch of the male species has let her down. Deep down she wanted to know how that felt. By a stroke of good luck, she finds the man she is looking for and their connection starts with a game.

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Author interview - David Frauenfelder

Skater in a Strange Land
Skater and the Saint
The Mirror and the Mage - cover
David Frauenfelder

Today I am welcoming David Frauenfelder to an author interview. Up to now I have been staying this side of the Atlantic for these interviews, but it’s time to go across the pond now. I first came across David’s writing towards the end of 2013, and have been following as he has tackled a couple of different genres.    Reviews: Skater in a Strange Land - The Skater and the Saint - The Mirror and the Mage -    Q. David, I first came across you in connection with Skater in a Strange Land, about which I wrote “a sort of cross-over science-fiction / fantasy book that mostly defies description but kept me reading avidly to the end“. What drew you to write about Borschland, a fictitious continent appearing from time to time in the Indian Ocean? A. I am an inveterate reader of maps and creator of worlds. I have pretty often...

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Author interview - Paula Lofting

Sons of the Wolf - cover
Paula Lofting

Today I am delighted to welcome Paula Lofting to the blog, who has kindly answered a number of interview questions. Some while ago now I reviewed Sons of the Wolf (, but as you read on you will find out lots of other things about Paula. Q. Hi Paula, could you first give us a little introduction to yourself. A. Yes, indeed, well my name is Paula Wilcox, but I use my maiden name of Lofting as my author’s name. I decided to use it because I didn’t want people thinking that the actress Paula Wilcox was writing my books lol, plus there is an old famous author called Hugh Lofting of Dr Dolittle fame and I am a distant cousin, so it seems appropriate to use it – *laughs.   I am a psychiatric nurse by day and in my spare time I love to write. I’m working on my...

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Author interview - Antoine Vanner

Britannia's Wolf - cover
Britannia's Reach cover
Britannia's Shark - cover
Antoine Vanner

Today I am delighted to welcome Antoine Vanner to the blog, who has kindly answered a number of interview questions. This is a follow-on to my review of Britannia’s Shark (  a few days ago Antoine is the author of (to date) three novels on the life and exploits of a Royal Navy captain of the late 19th century, Nicholas Dawlish.     I have reviewed each of these at   Britannia’s Wolf (’s Reach (’s Shark ( Q. You write about an unusual period in naval fiction – the late 19th century. What first sparked your interest in this era?   A. There are two parts to the answer, the first related to the period and the second to the naval aspects.   I’m fascinated by the political, social and economic progress made by the Western World in the second half of the 19th century and I’m equally intrigued by...

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Done editing,


At least as far as I can do on my own, this was a very weird novella to finish. It started out as two seperate novelettes that kind of shared the same main character. Then I merged the two together. Finally I added a bunch of side stories that ended up twice as long as the actual main plot. So I merged chapters 4 and 6, and 8 and 10. Then the finall half ended up being shorter than the first half, and become more of a sequel short story. I think I'm gong to stick to short stories for now on. And sometimes even those, like the ones in Petunia And The Wooden Shoes and other stories, ended up becoming part of a novella in and of themselves. Not sure how I'm going to write larger books when I start doing counter-literary fiction. If you have the time, please thank...

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