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Ask Me Again by Theresa Hodge - Book Review

So through the tragic loss of her best friend, Alyssa finds herself back in her hometown for her funeral where she meets her ex, Drake.  All I can say was, at this point I wanted to know what really happened. The first few pages you see what happened, but I go the feeling I didn’t get the whole story. Even though she had every reason to leave him, I mean I would have dipped out too. After the funeral, Drake is still feeling her despite her having this great life with another man in another state. You can almost tell that it never really ended.

Alyssa ends up going back to New York and her boyfriend with all of this guilt and life goes on as normal.  Drake isn’t feeling normal though because he is feeling Alyssa way too much despite her telling him that they couldn’t do this between them. It almost just felt normal for him to call her “Baby” and she didn’t object to it at all.  He was all trying to convince her that what they had was real and would always last and she was torn between two men.

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The Elevator Scene - Chapter 2 of REVIVAL by M.K. Gilher

I hear a weird creaking noise and the lights flicker. I'm jostled about before the elevator jerks to a halt in mid-flight and the lights go out. My fellow elevator patrons gasp and grumble. Random lights appear as people pull out their cellphones. In the commotion of the crowded elevator, I'm heaved back onto my Italian-shoed stranger even more. I feel strong hands wrap around my hips. I'm so close I can feel his chest rising and falling on my back. Oh. Sweet. Jesus. I can't fucking breathe. I can't fucking breathe. His breath is steady and calm on my neck, almost as if he's enjoying watching me struggle for my self-control. The cat pinning the mouse down by the tail as the mouse struggles to get away. Should I pull away from him? The Slut Ivy on my right shoulder rolls her eyes and says, Duh, no silly. Stay right...

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Authors Wanted!!!

The Prince George's Book Festival will be held Saturday, May 23 from 10 am til 4 pm at the Prince George's Sports & Learning Center, 8001 Sheriff Road, Landover, MD. Early Bird registration ends March 15. Mission Statement: To raise reading awareness, promote reading for all races and age groups...more and register at

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Rock City 2 by Kaliyah Knight - Book Review

 We come back to the streets of the H and its dirtier than ever. You get introduced to the veterans of this game and are given a more in depth look at some character that were in Rock City One, but didn't play that huge of role. When I started reading this, I was straight confused because it shows you one scene and then takes me back to the present day. I must say, this book was so good that I couldn't wait to get in the third Rock City. But before you do, take a look at this second because there will be twist and turns in here that you didn't see coming.

Of course, we go to the main character Rockwell and to my shock and amazement, she wasn't with Rico. In fact, she wasn't even looking at Rico like that anymore. Issac was still in the picture as Rockwell was dating him exclusively. Rockwell is making a relationship work with Issac at the start of this story in part of Rico going ghost for months. She is also managed to get into fashion school and do what she loves most.

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Beautee and the Beast by Cali - Book Review

This book has given me everything that I have craved. Suspense, secrets, drama, love, and from all points I absolutely could not put this book down. I finished it one day and that is a feat that I haven't done in a long while. The book starts off with you having no idea what is happening and then from there you are taken for a whirlwind of a ride.  You meet a young lady named Beautee Hill and to me, she served as a triple threat. She was married to thug herself that no one knew of. Still a virgin which meant she was faithful to a point and she was a federal agent, but not your normal federal agent. Underneath her skin, she held revenge and contempt for one man and his name was Zaire. The one man who put her husband behind bars in the first place. Beautee start on this path of redemption and revenge by being the finest thing on the planet in Zaire's eyes.  No knowing who she is, Zaire enters the scene and hooked on her from day one and even though she doesn't want to say it out loud, after a few pages she is starting to feel him too.

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