Concrete Rose By Candy Rayne - Book Review
I agree and disagree with this read because even though I believe that love conquers on.  I am questioning if young love is really that strong.  I felt like I walked through the twilight zone and was reading about the problems that puppy love has, but I was clearly mistaken.  It was more of a tale about going after your dreams and following your heart as best you can.  It had tales of friendships that were gained and broken.  And unique set a character who each in a way had to grow in order to not just get what they want but learn how to come to terms with who they are and how they love.  Lankenua is a teenage girl who is uprooted from her home in Africa by her parents and is flown all the way to the US of A, where she goes to school at Gramby High and runs her parents store part time.
Rock City 1 By Kaliyah Knight - Book Review
 The story was really all over the place for me and was really one of those books that I would pick up for a few day and put it right back down for the same amount.  It was story that intrigued me in the love factor, but was losing me at times when it came to the character development.  The plot of the story had its moments where you are moving from one scene to the next very quickly.  All in all, my nose was in this book when it had the chance.  You meet Rico and Rockwell who live in the H in Illinois.  These two are together and have their own hustles in away.  Their relationship is really on and off and in secret due to Rockwell’s uncle Marcel.  Rico works for Rockwell’s uncle and I got to say that is grimy.  Rockwell well she is a different breed of hustle and is good at boosting stuff from stores.   How they met was out of the ordinary because Rico thought she was fine as wine but never saw her approaching him.
What's Your Totem?
What’s Your Totem? by Melissa Price Have you ever had the occasion to keep noticing something? Perhaps it’s an item or an animal that appears wherever you travel or whenever you visit a particular place. This phenomenon surged into my life last week at the Southern California coast. While it wouldn’t be entirely unusual to view a dolphin, a seal, a
Is the Indie world headed for a literary Armaddeon?
There are titans vying for control and Indie authors are like the David's of our time. The titans don't go by the names of HarperCollins or Penguin Random House. Those folks are still in shock that we dared to, with the help of Amazon and Smashwords, come forth like a dark horse and break every fence that exists with the e-book phenomena, but they
Uptown Princess by Quiana - Book Review
So this book automatically introduces you to all the characters.  Well, at least the main characters.  Princess and Kia are at a club living it up for the last time and are being eyed by this cat named Mace.  He automatically has a thing for Princess and you can just see it or read it. On the outside,  Mace is the perfect gentleman.  Princess, in turn feels it too and what started in the club seems like its going to be a long term thing.  I read this and thought it was going to be your typical love story because these two characters moved really fast as far as the progression of a relationship.  You get to see how strong the bond between the two cousins are when you see Kia leaving for college and leaving Princess there for the first time in years.  When Mace and Kia have left, she ends up turning to her ex for attention.  She does feel guilty, but that moment quickly passes in her mind.  Princess finally get the phone she has been waiting for and goes to see Mace where he dumps a tripto Las Vegas in her lap. 
Another Time Another Place By Zane - Book Review
Mirrored Lives by Rique Johnson The book starts off with us having a look at a woman named April who is love with thunderstorms and in love with her husband Virgil.  Her sense of intimacy has another notion, though. Even though they have been together for a few years April feels like their sex life has been going downhill.  After she confesses this to her husband she goes to the bathroom and finishes what he never started from the looks of it.  Then you meet Ariel who is also married and loves her husband and actually has not complaint.  Well, except one and it has nothing to do in the sex department.  Even after her man gives her all the pleasure imaginable, she finds herself in the bathroom as well and then things starts to get weird.  To a point to where they see themselves but it's not them.  It freaks them for a minute, but snap out of it due to different circumstances.  Life goes on for usual for these two, but you see them doing the exact same thing as you continue reading.  Another thunderstorm is headed their way and then it starts to get intense.
How have you fallen O Lucifer....
Mephistôpheles pointed at the planet below them. "We've traveled the world in vehicles just like this since the beginning. We have many disciples of other cultures and races that you cannot fracking imagine; they've built wondrous monuments to us and landing fields to worship our magnificence. Many are primitive and we wonder them with our presence
Word of Encouragement - All Is Well
FROM SHH! GOD IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING   I know you've been a little distressed lately about your walk with Me. All is well. Be patient and continue to press your way through the uneasiness that you feel. I have seen the doubts lingering in your mind, and the ways that the enemy has tried to bring confusion into your life. Do not worry
Get Started On Your Dream
FROM  "SHH! GOD IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING"   It is time for us to get busy and be obedient to the things the Lord has given us to do.  Those things  we have  put off with  the  intentions  of doing  someday should be done now. Getting around to it and having good intentions are not the same as walk
"I had been in somewhat of a spiritual slump when I was asked to review Shh...God's Trying to Tell You Something: Speak Lord, I'm Listening, the new devotional journal by Christian author Shearon Hurst. Well, it was just what the Great Physician ordered to heal me from the blues and rekindle my passion to perform God's work and will. In a voic
Cron Job Starts