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"I had been in somewhat of a spiritual slump when I was asked to review Shh...God's Trying to Tell You Something: Speak Lord, I'm Listening, the new devotional journal by Christian author Shearon Hurst. Well, it was just what the Great Physician ordered to heal me from the blues and rekindle my passion to perform God's work and will. In a voice that is divinely inspired, Shearon writes a daily love letter from God, cites spot-on Scriptures, and then leaves room for readers to write how they can become better obedient to His word and thereby receive the blessings that were designed just for them. Two thumbs up for this inspiring work––followed by both hands held high in praise of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Tom Siebert, Christian Editor Connection   Are you in a spiritual slump?  It's time to break free. Pick up a copy of Shh! God Is Trying To Tell You...

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Groupies Inc by Kayenne - Book Review

It's a quickie alright, as in it is a short read.  This book is for people who want fast story to hold them over or just don't like read long stories.  I already like this book, because it's the only book that puts the scene in Texas. Mercedes and Kandi have an organization called Groupies Inc and they each have their own preference of guys they target for this website. 

What is it?You may be asking yourself.  Well, it's a website that keeps tracks of celebrity and what they prefer in the bedroom and different cities they would be in for other groupies to get on it as well.  Mercedes is a firecracker who is not only confident in herself but know how to handle her money.  Calvin aka C-bone is her current target and you see that Mercedez could have had a thing for him, but Calvin played a player role from the start.  Later on,  you see that Calvin was actually really feeling her a lot.  Along the way, you meet Coco and Tasha, a few of Mercedez friends that are also apart of this incorporation except Tasha is a little inexperienced. 

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Stealing Candy by Allison Hobbs - Book Review

Allison Hobbs got me with this book and when I say got me, I was in shock and awe at the very first page. She took the stories of these three girls and took me through a very dreary story of what happens when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. To me this story was very dark with hint of hope as you see Gianna's character not just be the first victim but for me the main character of this story because you saw her at her best as well as at her worst.

You meet Gianna at the start of this book trying to escape from her captor, Bullet.  Side note though, I don't hate his character because he wants to snatch girls, I couldn't stand his character because of his innate stupidity.   When Gianna does escape, you would think that she would find help somewhere, but it turns out that NOBODY helps her or sees the danger that she is in.  When Bullet does capture her he takes her back and thus from here the story of Stealing Candy begins.

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Fancy by Vanna B - Book Review

From the start this character's name is Fancy.  There is a reason behind her nickname and why it stuck it with her. You see this young girl who looks like she has everything going for her.  She has friends, nice clothes, looks very comfortable in her curvaceous body and brings the confidence right along with it.  But underneath that exterior is a woman with a hurt past and a more hurtful presents.  I like to introduce you all to Maribel.  A twenty nine year old who was breaking her back trying to be her nickname, Fancy.  She didn't get like this on her own, her whole mindset by a young cat named Shawn who ended up becoming her best friend.

So fast forward to now and Fancy is living it up with three friends every night and taking the bus home right after.  No one, not even her best friends know the truth about her until she comes across Aaron. When you first meet Aaron, he honestly sounds like a genuine guy.  He accepts all of her and their relationship moves pretty fast.  Everything seems well until Fancy sees his real colors and ends up right back where she doesn't want to be.  Through this downfall, she found her best friend Shawn who helps Fancy get back on her feet.

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Afterburn by Zane - Book Review

I read this book back in college, but as I was sifting through the books that I wanted to read it again, my mind automatically went to this book.  Besides Ashley and Jaquavis, Zane has been my favorite author for a very long time and this book was the first time I read something different in a love story that wasn't linked to the drug game.  This book made me believe in love again and had me in tears each time.  From the start, you meet the character of Rayne way back in the teenage days and you basically see her family and friend settings and just how she is living and its ok but it could be better.  Because of Rayne's mother, Rayne grew up quick and put up with a lot of things but she stayed true to herself.  To me, she sounded like a typical girl with that best friend and that high school crush on boys well at least one.

Still in the teenage days, you meet the main character Yardley and his boys Dwayne, Felix, and Mike.  You actually meet them at a time where Yardley is still a virgin which I found interesting because no book I have read has really took it back the far, but I see why.  

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