Being a Bald Woman during the 80s was very different, than today. Hard renting homes to a "bald person like you".  People like me without hair! Yes "bald people like me". I heard the same insult numerous times throughout the years. Each time it came with another face and another reason. The ignorance was the same no matter where I went. In the USA
Necessary Roughness
Softly your hands move over my body Softly your thoughts move over my soul Harshly and mercilessly your body crushes the physical Me Harshly and mercilessly your thoughts crush the immaterial Me There is blood. And also lots of pleasure The more blood, the more and deeper the pleasure The more brutality, the more and deeper the realness The more te
No Love
I hear you passed through town Spent a few days here The calls didn’t go through, I know The flowers you planted last year for me Cried. © 2011 by Oana
The Pledge of Allegiance: Patriotism or Un-American?
Since the beginning of time, society has taught us to conform to certain ritualistic ideals.  Examples of this can be found in a cultural sense; the distinction of how boys are raised differently than girls, a religious sense; how we are brought up to believe from our parents in a higher power other than ourselves, a historical sense; the celebrati
Job Search 411
These are some useful strategy that I have used during my job search. Hopefully they are useful to all of us. I will keep adding more to the list each week. if you have any suggestions email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 1.If possible educate yourself on the field of work that you want to obtain before you start searching for work 2.See if th
Book Fairs & Festivals: Here to Stay?
Kindle, Nook, and iPad's have changed the way books are brought to fans. In fact, the list of eReaders goes on and on as the eBook craze has swept the nation! With the touch of a button and often times a large fraction of the cost, one can download books from their favorite authors without stepping foot in a store. With small independent stores and
Reminiscing On Days Past: Keeping Reading Alive in Wake of Technological Takeover
As a youth, I found no joy greater than curling up in a corner with a great book. My family would often tease that, outside of my tom boy outdoor adventures , I was permanently attached to a book at any given moment. Furthermore, when I was in reading mode, in order to capture my attention it would have to be pried from my hands or some natural dis
Finishing Follow the Southern Cross
JJay Ross Author of Circle the Moon and Follow the Southern Cross The end of January brings to end the final touches of my second book, Follow the Southern Cross. When February begins the second chapter in my publishing career will begin, with the release of Follow-and the hard earned reviews of Circle the Moon coming in from Sacramento Book Review
A Reflection on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Shaping Young Minds: Civil rights leaders, freedom riders, bus boycotts, voter registrations, lunch counter sit ins, non-violent protests, speeches, and famous marches are all things that may instantly come to mind when you sit and reflect on the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Perhaps his Letters From a Birmingham Jail, my hometown, which helped inspire a full on civil rights movement sticks out in your mind. Or is it the famous March on Washington and subsequent "​I Have a Dream"​ speech that are highlights of his life for you?
What is a Kindle?
Everyone is raving and talking about this new device that is available at amazon called the "KINDLE" it cost about $139 and you can use it to download anything from books to newspapers from all around the world, for a fraction of the sales price, instantly. Will this device make hard cover and paperback books obsolete? I don't truly know the answer
Cron Job Starts