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Jay Williams
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Jan 23 2015
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17 Jun 2015 21:59:32
When not ranting about the evils of today’s society, Jay works as a writer. To avoid starving, he also works as an advisor at The University of Texas.
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Oct 10
When not ranting about society and its ills, I work as a writer of short stories for literary and men's magazines like "The Stake," "SingleLife," "A Carolina Literary Companion," "Aura Literary/Arts Review," and others. I also have three eBooks out there: "Sex and the American Male"; "Tax Break" & "Wings of Honor." You can find them at Amazon.com. To avoid starvation and a life on the street, I also work as an academic advisor at The University of Texas.

Oh, okay, I admit, like millions of others I have a blog. It's usually about relationships, or more precisely the differences between men and women. It's called The Thurber Brigade and it's a communiqué from the front of the War Between Men and Women. Give it a try sometime: http://thurberbrigade.blogspot.com/

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