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Unleashed (cover)
Science Fiction
Taneesha Freidus
Taneesha Freidus
March 17, 2015 1998
This is the second best book I have read in a week
(Updated: March 17, 2015)
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Okay first I have to say this is the second best book I have read in a week. I mean I stayed up all night reading it because I was at the edge of my bed screaming at the characters and saying oh no don't go there. I could not get my mind wrapped around what was happening. I mean the gang starts out in one direction and ends up in another direction. I was like what the heck how did that happen? What is going to happen but then the story started to unfold and man oh man I was like holy cow Davy is really doing this without Sean.

Instead of Davy ending up in Mexico she ends up being saved by a stranger Caden who cares for her and helps her get better. As things unfold Davy knows Caden has secrets but his group has some very good points and Davy has figured out that she has been found by The Resistance. She knows not to trust anyone but Caden is starting to wear her down. She is trying to stick to the plan and get to Mexico to be with Sean and the others.

What will happen to Davy and the others? Will The Resistance win or will they make it worse? Will Davy trust Caden or will she go back to Sean and the gang and finish what she has started?
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