Words in Play Editing Services These prices are for an estimated time frame of 2 weeks per round. Editing Prices ? 25k words $100** These prices are for an estimated time frame of 2 week.** 25k-80k words $175** 80k-100k words $225** 100k-120k words $300** 120k-140k words $375** 140k-160k words $450 Extended Time frame may be needed Over 160k words - contact me for quote Formatting Prices ? 6,000 words $65 ? 25,000 words $150 ? 50,000 words $175 ? 75,000 words $225 ? 100,000 words $275 ? 125,000 words $325 ? 150,000 words $350 Extended Time frame may be needed ? 175,000 words $375 Extended Time frame may be needed ? 200,000 words $400 Extended Time frame may be needed ? 225,000 words $450 Extended Time frame may be needed Includes ebook, print copy, electronic table of contents in Word, PDF, MOBI formats, an editorial review for Goodreads and Amazon and a teaser for your book. (Editorial review and teaser are FREE OF CHARGE as a thank you for choosing me to be your editor) New Author Incentive I’ve talked to a lot of authors….I love to hear their “stories”. One of the things that resonates throughout many of those conversations is the need for an editor in the beginning of their journey as a writer, but not being able to afford one. Some were disappointed in their first works, and/or got negative reviews because of editing issues. With Words in Play, as a first time author, you are able to receive my services for half price on your first book. All you have to do is look at my rates (listed above by the word count), and cut that rate in half. Please let me know you are interested in my “First Time Author Incentive” when you contact me in the very beginning. I look forward to working with you in the future. Please feel free to email or message me with any questions.
For all your manuscript assessment, copy editing and proofreading needs at affordable prices. Helping you to become the great writer you already are.

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We love to read - and PROOFread! Just ask our friends who get annoyed when I tell them how many typos I find when I review their books! Seriously, if YOU need to have a second pair of eyes on YOUR work - even after it's published - then drop us a line over at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We offer reasonable rates and great service - which gives you a better-looking product in the market place.

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