Michael L. Henderson

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Michael Henderson
Michael L. Henderson (Author)


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Michael L. Henderson was born on Feb 3rd, 1961 in a small town in Kansas. He has been writing church related articles and leadership materials for several years. His blog, www.truthinspires.com has been maintained for several years and reaches 100's daily. It is searchable and has nearly 200 articles to choose from. His current book, The Sifted Generation, is his third. It was preceded by, 25 Reasons to Believe where he was editor and co-author with two others, Bernie Lutchman and John Snyder. He has also written Those Who Are Wise Will Shine! Understanding the Work of God in Your Redemption. His greatest joy in writing is the release into print of the convictions the Spirit of God has placed on his heart--truths meant to inspire other believers to service and obedience. He is always hopeful that those who read one of his books or articles will be inspired toward a deeper relationship to Christ.

Michael has been in ministry for nearly thirty years. Being a Pastor keeps him constantly in touch with how the Lord works in changing lives. The spiritual well-being and care for others is what drives him to share God's life-changing truths. He currently serves as Sr. Pastor First Baptist Church, Springfield, IL. Springfield is the state capitol of Illinois and a hotbed of activist activity. He has a lovely wife, Brenna, and two daughters, Gracey and Mika. They currently reside in Chatham, Illinois.

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