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Imani Wisdom

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Imani Wisdom (Author)
Imani Wisdom (Author)
Imani Wisdom (Author)




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In 1989, after graduating from Northwest High School in Indianapolis, Imani worked several factory jobs before she dedicated her life to care for her mother, grandparents, and aunt. She stood by their side for fourteen years; including being a single parent to three (two boys and a girl).

After Imani's sister resumed the role as primary caregiver for their mother, Imani enrolled at a local community college to major in Paralegal Studies. It was then, the four-time Dean's List student discovered her passion of writing. She wrote essays, short stories, and poetries, and a few were published in the college paper and a local magazine.

While being a Caregiver, Imani suffered the darkness of depression. She described her emotions in a 2010 poem, Trapped With My Eyes Wide Open she wrote:

Sadness is not defined by my blank stare
or the tears streaming down my face
staining my curly black hair
or the anxiety I feel in my heart
numbing paralysis
feeling like my soul is drifting apart

"Breaking free from the darkness hasn't been easy, but there's no choice," She said, "It's either wail in my depression or do something about it".

At 41 years old, she knows breaking into the literary world will have its obstacles, however, she takes heart to one of her favorite quotes:

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. Michael Jordan

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