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Benjamin Janey
Benjamin Janey (Author)
Benjamin Janey (Author)
Benjamin Janey (Author)


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Benjamin Janey, the author of the urban novel entitled Up The Way, was born and raised in Bridgeton, New Jersey and now resides in the state of Connecticut. Many people may know him as Bro. Benjamin throughout the internet because of the powerful quotes and words of inspiration he's shared over the past 3 years. Oft times, you could befriend him and he wouldn't even mention that he's an author.
He is a self-taught author who's defied all odds. With humble beginnings, BEN wrote Op-Ed's and have appeared in The Hartford Courant, The Register Citizen, and The Litchfield Inquirer, just to name a few.

As time progressed, Benjamin worked full time as a newspaper reporter for The Hartford Inquirer Newspaper Group. Shortly after he was awarded his own column called Generation X, Keeping It Real.

Like any major city, Hartford streets began to run rampant in the mid 90's and a greater need for his services had risen. He was hired as a Violence Reduction Mediator by the University of Connecticut, The School of Social Work, to assist with conflict resolution and to create effective new programs to curb Gang and Domestic Violence. Over a three year period, once the situation calmed, just like any other program that works, the federal funding was pulled immediately.

He's had my brushes with the law, but looks back and then ahead. If it were not for what he's experienced in life, Benjamin wouldn't be here today giving you the heart and soul of what you're anticipating. The real deal...
Helping others is his motivation because he always says, "Everyone has a gift, and it just took me a little longer to unwrap mine!" Letting his past be of no regret, Ben is stepping out of the box, refusing to be just an urban novel author. His sophomore book, Domestic Violence-The Cure© is something the entire country must anticipate. He's presenting Prevention, Intervention, and Redemption like never before...

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