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I started creating stories in grade school and never stopped. My high school teachers would often catch me scribbling my stories during history and geography classes. The model for my evil characters in those days would be the nasty teachers who constantly bombarded me with tons of useless homework. There was less time while the children grew up, but I managed to write after they were tucked in for the night. Some of my stories and poems made their way to literary magazines and anthologies. My favorite activity as a primary teacher was reading aloud to the students. I would sometimes read them stories I had written for them and their fun was trying to figure out if they appeared as one of the characters. Children are naturally drawn to a good story and will often relate to the character's problems and fears. It was natural for me to start writing children's books after the pleasurable experience I had reading all those wonderful authors throughout my teaching career. I've always been a listener. Over the years I've tried to listen with the heart which has made me discover a chain of steep mountains and waterfalls within me. That is what I search for in my readings and try to convey in my writing. Reading is a passionate discovery of revival, writing a stumbling prayer. Writing and social media consume a lot of my time, but I also enjoy my Tai Chi, making batches of handcrafted soap, experimenting with recipes I find on the internet, and lets not forget reading. I'm a devoted organic gardener, herbalist, animal lover and soapmaker. My medicinal plants end up in my soups, balms, tinctures, teas and soaps. They also find their way into my stories. The spiritual connection to trees and the vital role plants play in our lives is a major theme in my book, CULLOO.

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