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Suzanne Steele

Suzanne Steele

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Suzanne Steele (cover)


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Please be sure to read the descriptions of the books, I am a multi-genre Author and I write under several different genres. They include: Self Help, Romance, Suspense, MC, Psychological/Thriller, Crime/Punishment, Romance/Suspense, BDSM, Dark Romance. The descriptions are clearly laid out for you; enjoy. Also, be sure to follow my facebook author page @ and/or my blog @ for updates on all of your favorite characters and new releases.* There are some women who need a different kind of romance. They need the Alpha male, who takes what he wants and makes no apologies for his gruff behavior. They need to read about the Alpha male who becomes so obsessed with one woman that none other will do. These are the women who believe that without obsession, that there can be no love. They believe that love is a drug and that it carries a nasty little addiction with it. When they read about these men, they allow themselves to believe that they are the object of his obsession. These women first became addicted to the romances that our Grandmothers read and they have now moved on to the contemporary form of Alpha male. These romance novels of old are the books that birthed men who would stop at nothing to stalk and take down the woman that they could not get out of their system. They would manipulate and coerce until they had her at their mercy. As these men stalked their prey with every fiber in their primal being, the women became more addicted to them and resistance became futile. Yes, there are women who need that kind of romance. This genre of books has become harder to find and women find themselves turning over stones and digging through boxes at garage sales and thrift stores. It is for these women that I write. For just as you need to read about these type of men and women; those who require more than just champagne and roses; men and women who require some raw, primal passion, in their love story, I need to write about them. Thank you for taking an interest in my work. For me, it is all about the reader; Happy reading. Simply put, I am an Author with deep passion for the written word. ©When I read: I want to feel...... When I write: I want you to feel....... Be sure to have your book autographed by Suzanne Steele at

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