The Method

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Jerry Bader
Updated August 22, 2022
The Method (cover)
The Method


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Hollywood, California
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March 25, 2015
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18 and Up
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-The Method Genre- Graphic Novel Crime Noir Logline- A down-and-out LA actor with a knack for impersonations finds his circumstances completely reversed by a chance meeting with a look-alike stranger. Synopsis- The Method A down-and-out LA actor with a knack for impersonations finds his circumstances completely reversed by a chance meeting with a look-alike stranger. After a night of drinking with his new friend discussing the possibilities made possible by their similar appearance, the stranger offers the actor a ride home. On the way there is an accident and one of them is killed. The survivor finds himself in the hospital with amnesia and everyone assuming he's the stranger, the right-hand man for a mob boss. The survivor plays the role that's expected of him, despite the fact that doubt about who he is, weighs heavy on his mind. Life becomes a balancing act between the role he finds himself playing and the search for who he really is- the down-and-out actor or the mob consigliere?

The Method Web Page: Teaser Video: Cast of Assorted Sinners: Sample Audio for Chapter 1: ? What's Coming Soon In The Method Universe The Comeuppance When mob boss, Carmine DeSalvo, finds out his accident-prone, amnesiac right-hand man, Arnie Bernardo, isn't who he thinks he is; when he decides Arnie's girl, Lonnie, is too tempting to resist; and when hit men, Vito and Sid, figure Carmine is past his best before date; somebody ends up dead. Let's not forget the guy running the mob's movie operation is skimming. Grist For The Mill Things get complicated for Detectives' Grist and Dime when they run into a case of murder that reeks of California corruption. When wannabe actress, come party girl, Lizzie Short, turns up dead on a beach behind a prominent studio executive's home, a creep that works for ex-mobster Arnie Bernardo, anything is possible. Finding a murderer in a town thick with sex, betrayal, and revenge is no easy task for Grist and Dime. The Red Emperor Grist and Dime are at it again, but this time it involves the Chinese triads; a tailor that moonlights as a hit man; an ex French DGSE agent that happens to be Detective Dime's boyfriend; and a kooky group of characters right out of central casting. The question is, who killed Peter Pretty Boy Chen and why; when the prize is only a cheap statute that anyone could pick up at any Chinese souvenir shop? The Redhead Rip-Off Mix a gorgeous redhead with a historic name, an old man, who happens to be one of the best forgers of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, and the second son of a triad Dragon Head, and you've got a recipe for big money mayhem. What could possibly go wrong when an oddball group of grifters attempts to con a Chinese gangster, who happens to employ a group of professional confidence artists? The Incident Report USAF war hero, test pilot Major Willard White knew better than to file an Incident Report about an unexplained encounter while on a test flight, but what he didn't realize was the report was going to get him killed. After being threaten by his superiors and a shadowy NSA character, White attempts to protect himself by sending the report to a disgraced reporter and his beautiful rookie partner, both looking for a career-making story. Getting the story out turns out to be an exercise in maneuvering through a maze of intimidation and dead bodies resulting in an unconventional solution.


Crime Noir Graphic Novel Series, The Method (Teaser)

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