The Only One

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Julie francis holland devenport
Updated August 22, 2022
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The Only One


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July 26, 2015
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The Only One
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18 and Up
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Disillusioned by falling for the wrong man, Kitty Phillips leaves her old self and life behind. One that is not dictated by who she is or how she looks………….. A simple change that will help her disappear in plain sight.

She’s lonely and ready to take a chance. But will she find the right man this time around. The only one.

Blake Dennison gets a front row seat as Kitty’s illusion slips after 2 years of playing his unassuming Personal Assistant. But is she ready to deal with the consequences of attracting another player?

Blake not only sees the woman beneath the illusion, but hiding behind it too. He wants a chance to prove that he’s different from the men in her past. He wants to be the only one in her future.

He wants to give them a happy ever after but will circumstances and people get in the way or will love conquer all.

Kitty Phillips is sick of men with commitment issues and revolving bedroom doors, she’s through with them all, happier on her own and it’s certainly less painful. She moves away and takes up a Job as a Personal Assistant, the only problem with that is her boss is a good looking man with a penchant for changing his women like he changes his shirts. Determined to stay under this playboy’s radar she alters her appearance behind thick glasses and badly fitted clothing, it works like a dream for 2 years until she loses her temper.

Blake Dennison is bored of his lifestyle, fed up of unchallenging women and easy conquests. He doesn’t believe in dating his staff, so he’s never payed attention to his unassuming Personal Assistant. He's caught completely off guard when after 2 years her disguise slips and he gets a look at the passionate, beautiful woman hiding beneath.

Suddenly he’s not bored any more, and more than willing to throw his own rules out of the window for a chance with Kitty. With explosive chemistry and a woman that challenges him at every turn they begin a game of cat and mouse as he pursues her. Can he get past her reservations and guard to reach the passionate woman beneath?

Once they give into the passion, he gets a lot more than he bargained for, meaningless sex is no longer enough. For the first time in his life he's found a woman he wants forever with, but will it last?

Will his past get in the way and ruin the best thing that's ever happened to him and ruin their chance?

Kitty is blown away by the passion and the man, she’s finally found the one she's longed for, but will circumstances get in the way and part them? Will she finally have her happy ever with a man for whom she is, The Only One?

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