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Uptown's Princess

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Updated February 14, 2015
Uptown's Princess (Cover)


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August 08, 2012
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What happens when a stunning beauty meets a slick talking, handsome, money maker? Well, after meeting Mace at a local Philadelphia bar, Princess finds herself to be more than intrigued by his heart-throbbing good looks and charming smile. In fact, Princess is so captivated by Mace that the nineteen year old can’t resist his generous offer for a free trip to Vegas. But are Mace’s intentions genuine? Men like Mace come once in a lifetime, and Princess is about to find out traveling with Mace has just as many thrills and odds as shooting a pair of dice! After a trip to the desert, Princess’s partying comes to a startling halt. Heartbroken with her back against the wall due to an unpredictable life changing event, will Princess discover her strength and emerge a new woman? Or will the she fall to the feet of her new fate?


Uptown's Princess (Back Cover)

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Princess gone wrong
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So this book automatically introduces you to all the characters. Well, at least the main characters. Princess and Kia are at a club living it up for the last time and are being eyed by this cat named Mace. He automatically has a thing for Princess and you can just see it or read it. On the outside, Mace is the perfect gentleman. Princess, in turn feels it too and what started in the club seems like its going to be a long term thing. I read this and thought it was going to be your typical love story because these two characters moved really fast as far as the progression of a relationship. You get to see how strong the bond between the two cousins are when you see Kia leaving for college and leaving Princess there for the first time in years. When Mace and Kia have left, she ends up turning to her ex for attention. She does feel guilty, but that moment quickly passes in her mind. Princess finally get the phone she has been waiting for and goes to see Mace where he dumps a trip to Las Vegas in her lap. After that, Princess can be found always around Mace. I mean, these two were inseperable and Mace was treating her like the Princess that she was in his eyes. The day of the trip is here and she is on her way to Vegas to meet up with Mace. While in Vegas you start to see the outlines of Mace’s particular job and at this part you should put it together that this is bad news for Princess. Princess is introduced to Mace’s world through a party and is really going with the flow of things. You know that tingly sense that you get when you know something isn’t right? Well, Princess’s start to give her warning signs and she is quick to act on them by not giving in to Mace’s demands.
Princess is forced in to Mace world and there goes my typical love story because this isn’t it. Mace practically kidnapped he just made it legit. Later on we are introduced to the girls of the house and the first one up is Yani. The author paints this picture that she is just another pretty girl, but I kind of sensed something deeper. You see her trying to school Princess in the rules of the house but Princess is not trying to hear that. She goes of the list of people who live in the house and three that run and things start to make sense. After Yani gives her the breaks down, Princess really has no choice but to go along with if she wants to escape the house. Listening to Yani proves useful as she quickly gets the money to escape her prison, but Mace has other plans. I feel like Mace in his own way loved her and didn’t want her to leave. He didn’t really care about money with her, he just wanted her there for him but being a man he would never admit it. Kesh is a woman who has her sights set on making Mace her man and does not like what she is seeing or hearing. You also see how Yani came into the house and some of the rules that these men keep. CJ starts to catch on to Mace and his obvious love for Princess and takes it personal. Back at the house, Princess decides to be more friendly with girls being of her decision to stay and from the looks of it, she regrets that call. The way I see it Mace and Princess have this love-hate relationship going on where Mace is falling for her and Princess can’t stand him. Princess comes across and odd client that makes her see and feel the power that Mace tries to lay on her. You also take a trip down memory lane in Mace’s mind and see how he went from this guy who was in love with a women to being a pimp. You kind of start to see Mace slip into this love for Princess to an obsession for her. His mind has different face about her and you read this story. Besides CJ and Mace, you meet Ro who is an investor in the house and is about his business. Kesh has an interesting back story that slowly made me realize that she isn’t that crazy. She actually had a reason for all this fantasizing about Mace. Princess is only left with her thoughts and it is her thoughts exactly that make her plan the next move and it is a wild one at that. She even brings Yani in on it and she realizes that it could work. There was only one problem the plan and that was Yani was all about family. It leave Princess in a predicament that might just get her killed. But her plan not only works, it speeds things up on the timetable where everything falls into place. Things almost go according to plan and you see Princess step up towards the end and in a good way. She has taken everything that she learned and applied it to her own life. She went from being this girl that like to party to a girl who knows what she wants and how to obtain this lifestyle that was thrown at her. I really liked this story because it really was about the different perspectives of love and about a young girl really growing into her own through all of her experiences. Now there is another book out that picks up where this story left off and I suggest that you all read it and read this one as well. All my love, stayed blessed and all that jazz.

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