Confession of a Reformed Player

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Keith B Davis
Updated August 22, 2022
Confession of a Reformed Player (cover)
Confession of a Reformed Player (back cover)
Confession of a Reformed Player


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May 30, 2014
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Confession of Reformed Player
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First and foremost, confessions of a reform player is about ten short stories about men who were confuse about how a man is supposed to act in this day of thug love and being a gentleman in a relationship, while they are single or married. Furthermore, when was that moment that you got turn out or that changed you to become a better man, father or husband? I interview many men about what was their worst experience being with a women and everything that went wrong or right. Did you have the time of your life only to never find her again (aka) a one night stand, moreover, were you disappointed or did it harden your heart towards women. So many of these men speak very candidly about what they went through with their wife or girlfriends. These are the type of things that men don’t tell anybody, never the less other men, Other men found their lovers having an affair and caught them in the act, while other men just ruined their life of their families by cheating on their wife and having to go to jail for killing her all because they wouldn’t let her go. Anyhow this book will reveal the truth about what men go through, and the Hate that lies at the bottom of it all.


Confessions of a Reformed Player

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