The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick

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Monique C Humphries
Updated August 22, 2022
The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick (Paperback Cover)
The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick (Hardcover)
The Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick


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January 05, 2003
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The Sisters of APF is Zane's first book based on one of her most popular short story subjects, the sexy escapades of a sorority like no other.

APF stands for Alpha Phi Fuckem, a sorority dedicated to sexual freedom and the fulfillment of its members. Zane's APF stories have appeared in her earlier collections, including The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth, and are favorites among her readers.
Many readers have written to Zane and asked to join the sorority or to launch a new chapter in their region. APF is fantasy, but the enthusiasm of Zane's fans is real. So now, with The Sisters of APF, she's offering readers what they want, a book-length story chronicling the adventures -- and recruitment process -- of the fearlessly sexy women of APF.

Mary Ann is the daughter of a chicken farmer from South Dakota. She has never been more than fifty miles from home and has led a sheltered life. By the time she goes off to college in Washington, D.C., she has been intimate with only one man -- her high school sweetheart. The resident manager of Mary Ann's dormitory, Patricia, befriends the country bumpkin. She finds Mary Ann amusing, but also senses something intriguing about her, hidden under the surface. After Mary Ann becomes smitten with Trevor, the campus playboy, Patricia is determined to show Mary Ann how not to be a victim, but rather how to outdo the players and heartbreakers. She indoctrinates Mary Ann into the ranks of the sexiest secret society ever: the sisters of APF.

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Holy heck in a jar! All I want to know is where was this sorority when I was in college? Don't get me wrong I loved my college years, but this book right here had me wondering if it was even real. In this book you meet a young woman who leaves her country town and heads to college. When she get there, she learns more about herself when it comes to knowing what she wants sexually. Along the way, you meet a few characters that not just upgrade the life of this young girl, but show her there is more to sexual freedom than just thinking about it. So sit back and relax because this book is going to be one book that you will probably finish in a day, yes, it's that good.

If you have read any of the stories in Zane Sex Chronicles: Shattering the myth then you should know that APF is one of the stories. What I love about this author is she took her stories from her short stories and made them bigger. You are introduced to Mary Ann who has achieved a scholarship to a college and has the chance of leaving her country town for a higher education. It's not that she is running away because she loves her huge family, but you see that she knows that she has a higher calling.

While getting to her dorm, she meets Patricia and is quite honestly one of my favorite characters in this book. These two become friends and you see Patricia already trying to open her up with her own personality. Patricia's character is really warm to me, in a good way. I think she had already grown into her own skin within herself and when she saw Mary Ann,I think she was looking in a mirror a little bit.

Throughout Mary Ann's first few days of school she meets this guy name Trevor who had a hard time trying to get through Mary Ann's tough, but cute demeanor. She also comes across a woman name Olive Cox. When I read that, I laughed a little. Patricia takes her to one of the meetings and she is the awkward one out and Olive doesn't like her. Through Patricia and her own belief about Mary Ann,give it a read and Olive starts to see what she sees. Once Olive is on board, then it starts to get really good and Mary Ann is introduced to a world that is freaking awesome. Through this secret sorority, she learns more about herself and what she wants as a woman. She also learns about her own family and how they are connected. She ends up growing into her own skin and making the choices that benefit her sexually.

I have read this book five times and I feel like it get better every time I read it. From the sorors, her family and even the men in the her life, it's a rollercoaster ride that you are not going to want to get off. Mary Ann's, Patricia's, and Olive's story are forever in my mind
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