Jonathan’s Locket

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Lorraine Carey
Updated August 22, 2022
Jonathan’s Locket (cover)
Jonathan’s Locket (back cover)
Jonathan’s Locket
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May 08, 2014
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Jonathan’s Locket
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13 on up
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Orphaned Jonathan Palmer is a fifteen year old stowaway aboard the doomed ship The Convert which was part of the fleet that crashed into the reef on Grand Cayman in 1794. This famous shipwreck was known as the Wreck of the Ten Sails. Jonathan was not lucky enough to survive the wreck along with eight other seamen. Problem was, no one ever knew he was even on board. Two centuries later strange sightings have been reported of ghost ships, screams and eerie lights off the east end of Grand Cayman. Brandon Wallace, a troubled teen seems to acquire a strange affliction and begins to have bizarre encounters from the sea where he befriends a mystical sea turtle who holds the secrets to the mysterious sightings as he plunges into the world of the paranormal . Here he is compelled to embark on a dangerous journey, risking his life to uncover the dark secret of Jonathan’s death. This task proves to be even more dangerous when one of Brandon’s closest friends has other plans for him. This book won a Silver Award from Reader’s Favorite for Young Adult Mystery and is a finalist for the Wind Dancer Film Contest


Jonathan's Locket by Lorraine Carey - Book Trailer by MIAN

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