The Legacy of Mistigo

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Gayle Parr
Updated August 22, 2022
The Legacy of Mistigo (cover)
The Legacy of Mistigo


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Canaan and United States
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February 15, 2015
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The Legacy of Mistigo
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15 and Up
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The Legacy of Mistigo portrays an uncanny account of events that lead to the end times. Her pages unveil mysterious elements that previously have been hidden from the human race. Good prevails over wickedness. Prayer overcomes evil. God will conquer Satan. Yet those three powerful realities, as true as they are, will not stop Biblical prophesies of the apocalypse from being fulfilled.

When Mistigo and her dark magic emerge during postdiluvian days, neither her aunt Imma or others in their Canaanite village truly comprehend her abilities. Those around her cannot fathom that Mistigo’s power is strong enough to reach far into the twenty-first century to influence Michaela Cross, her direct descendant.

As Mistigo develops, Imma harbors secret fears about her half human niece. Ancient days pass and Michaela appears as an adopted, modern day child being raised in rural Kentucky. She begins to discover her own magical abilities at six years old and they continue to develop as she matures into a woman.

Michaela embarks on a quest to determine her true identity. Through this pursuit, she is kidnapped by her biological father only to discover that his malevolent nature completely contradicts her Christian character. While in captivity, she uncovers shocking truths about her father. Not only is he a Satanist, but he intends to assist with the birth of the Anti-Christ and he expects Michaela to support his cause.

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