Sean M Campbell

The Return I

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Updated June 20, 2015
The Return I (cover)


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May 21, 2013
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The Return I
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Rhys, a national hero in prior times, had left his magical alternative Earth some 6,000 years earlier, to go into hiding until he might be needed later. In Earth years he was now 100 years old, but had complete amnesia of his past life. One day, he received a mysterious magical message. It was from his imprisoned wife, whom he did not recognize. She said his country was in great danger, and that he needed to return home immediately; as he was the only one who could save them. Through her own great magic, she had already brought him back – at his immortal age of 20; and gives directions to his forces. A former close companion greeted him upon his arrival, along with his horse. They set off across the country to organize their resistance to the evil emperor, and to free his imprisoned wife. Along the way he collects some 19 former and new beautiful female friends, with whom he sleeps every night. All the women are well trained to fight, as they encounter one group of unusual enemy forces after another along their journey. While Rhys possesses great magical powers, after using that magic of blurring fighting power to fight off the many enemies, Rhys is completely drained to the point that he requires several days of intense sexual activity to fully recover (he never goes down!). While this story is set in medieval times, Rhys is extremely, and unusually respectful and generous to all women – even those at the lowest rungs of society. Their journey, battles, and his great many romantic encounters are fascinating to read (think Tom Jones with magic!), and will keep you awake at night! Will he free his wife, and defeat the emperor, or maybe not? This story is a modern day classic of the ancient magical era. Book II will be out in summer, 2013. Don’t miss it! Book III then follows.

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