The Secrets of Albion Falls (The Secrets Series)

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Sass Cadeaux
Updated August 22, 2022
he Secrets of Albion Falls (The Secrets Series) (cover)
The Secrets of Albion Falls (The Secrets Series)

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February 01, 2013
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The Secrets of Albion Falls - The Secrets Series - Vol 1
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Living a sequestered life in magical village named, Albion Falls. Sophia's only friend, a fairy named Rosalba, provides a welcome source of comfort and support. It is a lie. Rosalba is not what she appears to be. Rosalba's sinister intention to devour Sophia's soul becomes the focus of her parents. Sophia's family and the local villagers try to protect this young woman. Unknown to Sophia, destiny calls for her to become the Princess of the skin-walkers. A way of life shared secretly by all who surround her. The announcement of Sophia's plan to leave Albion Falls brings the crisis to a head, as Sophia must fight for her life against the evil witch who deceived all for many years.

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