In a Milk and Honeyed Land

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Richard Abbott
Updated August 22, 2022
In a Milk and Honeyed Land (cover)
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In a Milk and Honeyed Land


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June 01, 2012
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The four towns have lived well in the hill country for generations. Now a new and ambitious chief is destroying their lifestyle and threatening all that the priest Damariel loves. He must stop the chief for the sake of his community, and needs to find justice for his personal loss. But when he looks outside the four towns for help, can he and his people adapt to the changes that will follow?
The Background

In a Milk and Honeyed Land is a novel about everyday life about 3,000 years ago in the hill country of Canaan - now called Israel and Palestine - close to the end of the time of Egyptian rule of that province. It explores how the vast changes in lifestyle, politics, religion and music that occurred in that area between what archaeologists call the Bronze Age and Iron Age might have been mirrored by individual people's words and actions. The large-scale actions and military campaigns of the Egyptian pharaoh and other great kings are nowhere in sight; this is a story of the resources and people available within four small allied communities. It is set close to the end of a long period of comparative stability in the hill country of Canaan. The Egyptians the Mitsriy of the story have governed the region with a fairly light hand, on the whole. Population has declined, and towns and villages have dwindled in size as the occupants have moved out into the more prosperous lowlands. Within a hundred years or so, the political landscape will be quite different again, with the Mitsriy gone and small kingdoms arising to compete over the territory. For the time being, communities continue in their traditional ways, with local priests and chieftains chosen from among the people by merit rather than dynastic ambition. The book follows the life of a village priest in one of the towns as he struggles with timeless issues of life and love, loyalty and betrayal, greed and generous giving.
The First Part of the Story

Damariel is apprenticed as a young man by the village priest, whose reckless actions lead to his disgrace. Damariel manages to avoid becoming implicated in the matter and carries on his training, marrying his childhood friend Qetirah shortly before they begin their shared ministry in the town. Feeling ashamed of their continuing inability to have children, Qetirah becomes pregnant by the chief of the four towns, but the pregnancy is difficult. Damariel's anger and outrage spills over into the marriage. He holds the chief responsible for the situation but cannot see how to get either justice or revenge...


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