Anouk Beale

The Hill of Kings

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Updated October 22, 2014
The Hill of Kings (cover)


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June 30, 2013
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The Hill of Kings


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The hill of kings started as a reoccurring dream when I could no longer work due to ms. I read a lot of self development books which helped me stay out of a wheelchair permanently. I wanted to pass on these teachings that can help get what you want in life. Originally being from Holland I didn’t know much about the Irish history so I looked into it. I found there was so much history that wasn’t well known like Balor of the evil eye. But also some amazing historical sites like the hill of Tara and newgrange. And of course all the fun and interesting myths and legends like Tetra the fairy king and a cauldron that can bring back the dead. I wanted to bring all that together in a fun and captivating story for readers of all ages. The story takes mostly part the hill of Tara the ancient seat of the high kings in co. Meath. Where the main character Daniel learns he can do magic and that his great aunt didn’t disappear but was turned into an insect. Balor of the evil eye is brought back in a modern way. And a potion makes it more difficult to defeat Balor a descendant of Balor of the evil eye.

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