100 Nightmares

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K.Z. Morano
Updated August 22, 2022
100 Nightmares (cover)

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April 23, 2014


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100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano is a collection of 100 horror stories, each written in exactly 100 words, and accompanied by over 50 illustrations.

Inside, you’ll find monsters—both imagined and real. There are vengeful specters, characters with impaired psyches, dark fairy tales and stories and illustrations inspired by bizarre creatures of Japanese folklore.
Praise for K.Z. Morano

"100 Nightmares took me for a thrill ride from the very first page. This book is filled with some of the creepiest and horrifying illustrations and flash fiction I've ever come across. K.Z. Morano knows how to take the fairy tale and twist it into a horrifying piece of flash prose, or subject an innocent person to the most brutal torture, or death. Seriously, some very disturbing moments were encountered as I read each story. Wow, keep an eye out for this writer, my friends, she's going to be delivering horror the way it's meant to be." ~Charles Day, Bram Stoker Award®-nominated Author of THE LEGEND OF THE PUMPKIN THIEF, and author of DEEP WITHIN and HUNT FOR THE GHOULISH BARTENDER

"Such a brilliant concept with no two stories alike. Timeless enjoyment to be reread over and over..." - Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

"There's an art to writing an effective story in so few words and the author nails it." - M. Brookes, Book Impressions, The Cult of Me

"Thanks to her masterful phrasing and wonderfully chilling imagination, 100 Nightmares will delight any fan of horror and the supernatural." - Amanda Ferris, the Absolute Magazine

"Each and every page kept me enthralled and on the edge of my seat the entire time... I've read a lot and seen a lot but have to admit Morano caught me by surprise..." - NecroStein, Texas Terror Entertainment

"Quick, witty, powerful, bizarre, and brutal one-liners that hit nothing short of hard...100 NIGHTMARES is a real gem and a must have for any fan of Horror, Flash Fiction, and Micro-Fiction..." -Jon R. Meyers, The Horror Fiction Review

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