A Darkness in Amazonia (G1: The Guardians #4)

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Steve K Smy
Updated August 22, 2022
A Darkness in Amazonia (G1: The Guardians #4) (cover)
A Darkness in Amazonia (G1: The Guardians #4)

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September 10, 2013
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In the depths of the Amazonian jungle, lost for millennia, its location hidden by the local peoples from every explorer, lies a city – a city that shouldn’t exist. Discovered by archaeologist Professor Hiram Leibowitz, despite every attempt to conceal its existence, the first revelations prove that this is a perilous site that the archaeologist and his dig crew are not equipped to handle. Fortunately, Leibowitz knows just the right person to investigate this great mystery. Camped at a safe distance from the city, Leibowitz contacts his old friend – Siribahta Dhal, Director of the Guardians. A sequence of events is set in motion as Siribahta sends in his elite team: G1. It takes very little time to discover that the city is one of the most dangerous relics of a lost age ever found. Protected by the slaves of an unknown power, hiding truths that prove that not all Evil is alien in origin, the nameless city will test G1 to the utmost. This will not be a battle – it will be a war... (The first novel and fourth tale in the series.)

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