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The Rabbitry

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William Schylor Chadwick
Updated August 22, 2022
The Rabbitry

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October 25, 2013
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If you have never watched evil reach up from Hell and entangle a loved one in smoldering tentacles, you will never know what Michael Blake has gone through…but you are about to find out. Desperate to save the love of his life, Michael fights the devil, himself, for a chance to rescue her from drowning in a dark and raging sea of despair. When all seems lost, he has one final solution.

Will he manage to save her from the darkness…or will the devil devour them both?
On a quiet night in New Jersey, a bartender is in for the story of a lifetime when a mysterious stranger walks into his bar, quietly scaring away the few customers that had come in. Sitting down at the end of the empty bar, across from the bartender, Michael Blake recounts the night his wife was brutally murdered, and the tragic events that led up to that night.

It is the tale of a young, newlywed couple full of life, anticipating their slice of the American Dream. Vacationing with her husband in Arkansas, Terri Blake falls in love with a vintage farmhouse outside the small town of Dalton. It was the perfect place to raise a family, and she quickly convinces her husband to buy the fixer-upper and move there. Despite his reservations, and the voice inside him telling him to run and not look back, Michael never could tell Terri no. They make an offer for the house which is quickly accepted (too quickly for Michael) and they begin building the life they have dreamed of.

But sometimes dreams have a way of turning into nightmares, and soon their happily-ever-after become goes from fairytale to horror story as one tragedy after another takes them on a rollercoaster ride to Hell. After a tragic accident leaves them childless and barren, Michael takes the well-meant advice of a friend and brings home a pair of bunnies, hoping the fuzzy little creatures can cure her deep depression.

Sometimes it is the cure that kills you.

As Terri slowly begins to heal from the tragedy of being robbed of the children she always dreamed of, another tragedy threatens to tip her over the edge once again, and send her back down the rabbit hole. One by one, things begin to happen to the rabbits…but not just the rabbits…they begin to happen to people around her as well…people she cares about.

Desperate to keep his wife from plunging back into the abyss, Michael has his own problems complicating matters. The voice inside his head has been talking again…and then it begins to manifest itself as someone he only knows as Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law). Murphy taunts him as he fights to help his wife hang onto her sanity, taking him through one nightmare after another as he feels his own mind begin to slip.

Will he be able to hang onto his sanity long enough to save his wife?

…or will the madness get them both?

Listen in as Michael finishes the story, leaving the bartender with more questions than answers…and a surprise ending no one could have seen coming.

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