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William Schylor Chadwick
Updated August 22, 2022


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February 01, 2014
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A terrible secret about his wife…a dark truth about his best friend…and a tangled web of deception…

…and as if that weren’t enough, he has been thrust into the black heart of the seedy underworld of organized crime by a stranger he has never met, but from whom he cannot escape.

Seth Jameson has a new heart, and a new lease on life…and it comes with more baggage than he can carry. The man whose heart now beats inside his chest does not want it back…but what he wants may very well kill him just the same.

Nothing changes your life like a heart attack. For Seth Jameson, it is about to change his whole world…in ways he could never have imagined.

After failing to follow his doctor’s advice, Seth has a heart transplant as the only way to save his life…but it isn’t just the “used” heart that is bothering Seth. Mysterious dreams, strange occurrences, and just plain weird feelings leave Seth convinced that he received more than just a heart transplant. He thinks there is someone else inside him trying to come out.

If that isn’t troubling enough for him, he has been forced to leave his beloved New York for the tranquil serenity of rural Arkansas. Gone is his high-profile career at a prestigious trading firm on Wall Street, along with the home he shared with Sarah, his wife, for most of their adult life. It has all been traded for early retirement in Dalton, Arkansas…and Seth doesn’t like any of it…not one little bit.

Compounding his discomfort are nightmares of a snarling beast from his childhood triggered by the loud barking of a large dog somewhere in the distance behind their new home in the woods. Seth has it in mind to visit with the neighbor on the road behind them, but a little chat with the neighbor across the road tells him that’s a bad idea. Harley isn’t someone to be fooled with, if you know what’s good for you.

When his nightmares turn to a young boy that he is certain he has never met, Seth’s world begins to spiral out of control toward a mystery surrounding the heart he received, and the doctor that arranged for it…his best friend, Doc Charlie…or “turnip-nose” as he was affectionately known.

As if things haven’t gotten tangled enough, the donor manifests himself in a dream to tell Seth about his son, the young man of Seth’s nightmares…a young man named Tommy. Tommy has been kidnapped by the very men that had killed him and sold his heart to Doc Charlie on the black market…and now he wants Seth to help rescue him from, of all places, the farm behind them…Harley’s place…home of the barking beast that triggered Seth’s nightmares in the first place.

Will Seth risk his second chance at old age with his wife, Sarah, to help rescue Tommy from the neighbor from Hell behind him…or will he play it safe and take his chances with his increasingly disturbing nightmares?

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