A Flynn City Christmas

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Ronnie Ray Jenkins
Updated August 22, 2022
A Flynn City Christmas (cover)
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A Flynn City Christmas


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November 26, 2012
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Christmas is coming to Flynn City in this edition of the series, and you are in for a ride. The Christmas Story set in the hills of coal country, with the same cast of characters as in The Flynn City Egg Man.

Unlike any Christmas story before, the second book in the series of The Flynn City Egg Man is another romp through Appalachia. This time it is Christmas, 1971. An eccentric peddler, a reluctant hero, and the rest of the gang meet up again in a town that is short on holiday magic.
Christmas is coming to Flynn City, and it seems everyone needs a miracle. Especially, the Flynn City Egg Man. His investment in the “Claser,” results in all of his assets seized and he finds himself broke. Angry, he takes it out on an iguana, in a town that worships the reptile. Now, he finds himself in a Mexican jail.

Sandy True, the local drama queen who orchestrated her own kidnapping back in Easter 1969, in The Flynn City Egg Man, is pregnant, and her boyfriend Tyler Armstrong is about to be released from jail. Cuffy Landers returns to Flynn City from college to spend winter break in the coal patch with his father, and to keep out of Tyler’s way. After all, can you truly forgive someone who tried to kill you?

A major snowstorm strikes the area, and it will take more than one Christmas miracle to save a town already on the verge of dying. Will there be enough of them to go around?

Jenkins paints a holiday landscape of hope, inspiration, and a coming of age journey promising to take you back to a place in time that offers up Christmas in a brand new light.

Recommended for adult and young adult reading.

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