An island fit for horses

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Michael P Ashton
Updated August 22, 2022
An island fit for horses (cover)
An island fit for horses


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September 21, 2013
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An island fit for horses is a contemporary feelgood story about a successful businessman who finds himself organising a polo match on the Greek island of Ithaca - known since Homer's times as being unsuitable for horses. At least he had everyone's support. Or so he thought.
Between them, Nick, Pippa and Charlie had money, beauty and brains, a powerful combination that helped them often on the journey through life's challenges. Despite immaturity and a lack of ambition, Nick escaped the looming boredom of the family business, worked his way into the good life and enjoyed its rewards to the full. But while money might buy a string of horses and expensive toys, it doesn't buy class. Spin doctor Charlie could create a plausible story out of a bag of wind, and charged accordingly. Pippa arrived for work experience and quickly earned a permanent role. Together they kept the business on track. When Nick's wife Stef went on an extended cruise, he seized the moment to reawaken his fascination with the past, borrowing a friend's house in Greece where he and Stef could meet up at the end of their respective adventures. Soon immersed in island life, Nick kept up the habit of a lifetime; he opened his mouth and found himself organising a fundraising event for locals. He'd done it elsewhere but knew he needed his colleagues around him to pull this one off - a polo match on Ithaca, a place known for thousands of years as the most unsuitable place for horses. Still, it was all in a good cause and he had everyone's support. Or so he thought. A feelgood read from start to finish, this book will brighten up your day, summer or winter. Contains scenes of drinking, smoking and occasional swearing. Just like real life.

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