Squeaky Tails Crusaders of Golanthia: Interlude One Webs of Discovery (Volume 1)

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Gary Graves
Updated August 22, 2022
Squeaky Tails Crusaders of Golanthia: Interlude One Webs of Discovery (Volume 1) (cover)
Squeaky Tails Crusaders of Golanthia: Interlude One Webs of Discovery (Volume 1)
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December 09, 2014
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Crusaders of Golanthia
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Squeaky Tails - Crusaders of Golanthia, is a wonderful saga for all ages. The book discusses contrasting concepts of good and evil - right and wrong - which may not be easily understood. Trust and friendship may seem obvious. However, moving from one unsought adventure to another, our crusaders discover that this is not always so. One learns that appearances are not always as they seem. That friendship can magically happen in the most unexpected way. As one grows, like the critters do throughout the book, the past is always there to help balance the present. This combination helps form a newly designed image of what we thought we knew. By the end of the tale, it is possible that one may not ever be the same.

Throughout the book, it's easy to laugh, smile, appreciating old friends and family that are no longer around. Tears may come, thinking of parents, teachers, and instructors whose advice is now so clear. There are times where memories aid when least expected. Understanding is half the battle when moving ahead. However, it's important to follow one's heart as well as one's head. While reading the story and comparing views of the world, similarities surprisingly begin to mount, as one falls under the critters' spell.

The characters, "the critters" were not designed. They evolved, as the story evolved. Writing one line following another, actually being each critter, they all blossomed and formed into strong primary characters. I have been told that from early in the story it's difficult to envision them as animals; they become beloved little critters. Retaining their individual behaviors, each grow and develop though their unanticipated experiences and evolve into more than expected. Frightfully looking out into the yard, dreadfully watching the squeaky old house shine through thunderous crashes and bright lights filling the skies, little binder knows that the wilds hold many mysteries. He finds it difficult to fathom all the happenstances that brought him to this awful place. The trials he has faced, tumbling into the wilderness and then escaping from the foul claws of those dastardly yard creatures, has his little house mouse mind hopelessly spinning in circles. All he does know is that there is no going back. His nest is now but a shadowy remembrance.

In the silence between each clash of thunder, in the darkness between each flash from the sky, little binder feels the insistent tugging and prodding of his tiny friend. After his daring rescue, this tiny spider’s steadfastness reminds him once again of their newly discovered bond of unspoken truths. They have come so far and been through so much in the last days, that he no longer knows what is what. However, being most practical, as spiders tend to be, tiny TraCee takes charge and leads them into the wilderness, to who knows where.

Between the screeches and menacing howls, highlighted in a strobe effect caused by the flashing skies, the ongoing clash between The Duchess and Roo is clearly rumbling on. Far off in the distance, amidst any real or imagined dangers from the darkness, they see a tree shining and sparkling in the dancing lights of the sky. Moving stealthily through the covering foliage, toward the glistening waters of a shallow pond and little Mia’s nest, they battle with the strangely diverse elements of the yard. They are now well aware that, when it comes to survival in this most dangerous of places, one must consider probabilities not possibilities. Hidden by the torrent of windblown rain, intent only upon their chosen goal, these intrepid stragglers discover that shelter and safety are luxuries seldom afforded in the wilderness.

Who can resist true romance, true friendship, and the discovery that there is more? This is the essence of, “The Crusaders of Golanthia.” It is a fantastic and exciting adventure. The hardships and struggles, the going beyond anything thought possible, is something that will resonate with readers of all ages. How each of these brave hearted critters, grows, learns, and form bonds of trust and friendship is something that every booklover will whole-heartedly welcome.

Friendship can take many forms. Who is to say which is correct? Though often difficult to detect, the realization of what was, when compared to what is, is as confusing as it is enlightening. Though the adventure, we see how time and experiences changes a person. Yet, when faced with extraordinary events, it is astounding how what was is once again what is. The past has a way of un-expectantly returning. With growing awareness, adding to and filling out understanding, many things become clearer. Through this heightened sense, it is discovered that some things do not change, and are in fact enhanced. This is the just of the story. How one grows, lives, and uses this understanding to define life.

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